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Knucklebones is a D&D 5e actual play podcast, focused on storytelling, laughs, and enjoying time spent with your friends! Come explore the world of Arbolea – a land of knights, witches, magic and monsters – with our inept but enthusiastic crew. Roll. Them. Bones.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Symphony Saga Ep. 12 - A Brand New Holiday

    The B.U.T.T.S. deal with the fall-out of their poorly conceived plans, Cressia gets a festival, and Lyza delivers an all-time one-liner. Join our Patreon at Leave us a tip at ...


  2. Symphony Saga Ep. 11 - A Betrayer Among Us

    The B.U.T.T.S. are confronted by an old foe, and attempt to pull one over on the Mayor.  Will their deception work, or will they make their stay in Cressia even less comfortable? Join our Patreon at Leave us a tip at Music by: Karl Casey ...


  3. Symphony Saga Ep. 10 - Pops to Trot

    A decent plan, an indecent proposal, and finally hope in sight for B.U.T.T.S. to make headway on their mission… what could possibly go wrong? Join our Patreon at Leave us a tip at ...


  4. Symphony Saga Ep. 9 - An Official NFL Football

    Our heroes dive head first into the Cressian underworld, finding it’s as tough as it’s reputation.  Babitha shows her creative side and Lyza makes an unforgettable proclamation, but will it be enough? Join our Patreon at Leave us a tip at ...


  5. Symphony Saga Ep. 8 - Making Ends Meet

    Our crew navigates a new city in Cressia, and entertains an interesting proposition from the Mayor.  Will they make friends in high or low places? Join our Patreon at Leave us a tip at ...